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A prediction of today made in 1995, by Carl Sagan

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Astronomer Carl Sagan, most widely known for the original Cosmos television series, was also a prolific writer covering topics from hoax debunking, alien abductions and spirituality.  Ultimately, his writings serves to propel humanity towards scientific …


It’s All About Taste, And Mine Is Superior To Yours

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Corporations used to invest gobs of money into Armchair Quarterbacks, then they figured out the return is much larger by making the armchair free. Think-For-You à la carte media is quickly becoming a niche market …


The Donald Trump strategy to Marketing

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For all the negatives that is and can be said about Donald Trump, his strategy to capturing otherwise very expensive marketing airtime works. Scream at the top of your lungs it is due to racism …


Quantum Computing, the next tool of creativity.

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I have always advised those seeking renumeration for their creative works to not bog themselves down with “Quantum” computing, physics, dimensions, anything.  The commerce of creative works is difficult enough let alone trying to understand …

Got ethics?

Utilitarianism Deontology

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u•til•i•ta•ri•an•ism   n. The belief that the value of a thing or an action is determined by its utility. n. The ethical theory proposed by Jeremy Bentham and James Mill that all action should be …


Fountain of Youth, But Not Quite Immortality – 1

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Roughly 7.2 Billion humans on Earth today, by 2025 (at current reproductive rates) estimated to be 9+ Billion. If we are to continue current resource consumption rates without drastic change, serious innovation are needed. Thankfully, …


Industry of Narcissism

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    First rule of being a drug dealer is don’t do drugs.  Straight forward easy-enough-to-comprehend logic, does not require deep deliberating, right?  Drugs alter your state of mind, gets you high, which affects decision-making …


Vox populi, vox Dei,

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Vox populi, vox Dei Voice of the people is the voice of god. Or as many simply translates, majority rules.   Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae …


A Conversation with a 39 year old Asian MBA

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  Small part of a conversation that some might find interesting, especially #Asians living in western lands.  Loosely transcribed from an iSight accidentally recording.   Me: Haven’t you ever questioned why we are educated to view …


The Best Of Your Tired Poor Huddled Masses

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Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…  But only the best and brightest of them though.  And your best will be acclimated to a permanent underclass.  But don’t worry, it’s not separation by …


Immortal End Time Bullshit

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A “religious” world…  Really? Christianity has heaven to look forward to.  And for some, returning on a chariot of fire lead by a nude dead dude. As for the other Bronze-Age compliance schemes that has been …



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在 Abu Dabi, Dubai, 妓女的單位是阿拉伯人 美國歐洲白人 南美國的西班牙人 非洲的黑人 然後最低最便宜的最沒價值的最低級的是中國女人。 什麼叫賤? 我有個美國白人朋友Amy, 她告訴我過這件事,整個世界裡白人老公打亞洲人太大的很多,但沒有一個亞洲人老公大白人太太的事件。他說亞洲男人太容易控制,隨便看一下亞洲的媽媽就知道。 這不是什麼值得好驕傲的事情。但是在世界比起來中國媽媽希望他們的兒子以後的未來有什麼好值得驕傲的? 這種教育是希望達到什麼的結果? 這小孩子長大以後你想會愛 尊重 得是會恨所有的中國女人?  長大的未來 會變成什麼樣子的男人? 他會做出什麼樣的事情? 是誰真的有錯? 傳統 = 土 = 賤。


The next "drug" of the War on Drugs: GINSENG!

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West Virginia Department of Natural Resources estimates street-value of the seized #Ginseng at $180,000. The arrests were made following a year-long investigation. Besides the ginseng, they said police state they also seized stolen guns, other …


Media, Monetization, Translating Culture, Assimilation versus Defiance

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It’s 110° today, 15° hotter than the hottest day recorded in LA on the same day in 1964.  It’s 2014, and experts from Film/TV Production, Media Distribution and Digital Content Emerging Media Mainstream & Social …


Outrage the Sensibilities

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#Religulous A Pennsylvania teenager is now facing criminal charges for posting the above photo to his Facebook page. He posed for the photos in late-July in front of Love In the Name of Christ, a …


紙老虎 – 1

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#紙老虎   在300百萬人口的美國, 非政治性的種族分類中的亞洲人 (華人, 蒙古, 韓國, 日本, 越南, 老撾, 柬埔寨, 印尼, 菲律賓, 印度)不超過6%. 拿到SAT 滿分1600的成績中 亞洲人佔87%。 在頂尖大學(哈佛大學,麻省理工學院, 耶魯大學,斯坦福大學,普林斯頓大學)與 名列前茅的高中 (惠特尼高中, 特洛伊高中, 托馬斯 傑斐遜高中, 布朗克斯科學高中,高新技術高中, 基準圖森高中)招生數據亞洲人佔站了驚人的57%。 由於高校的種族配額政策 亞洲人不僅要保持完美的考試分數來保持競爭力 還必須要有課外成就 才會被接受為“正常”。 從看這個統計後,下面有四個問題: 1)在跨國500強企業中,有哪個CEO是亞洲人? 2)亞洲版的 馬克·扎克伯格, 比爾·蓋茨, …


Welcome to the Divide

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Welcome to the Divide in 2014!!!  Where it’s Rich versus Poor, Young versus Old, Male versus Female (driver could have been female), Prevention versus Aftermath, Privilege versus Responsibility, Vigilantism versus Freedom. Where the only commonality …


Gun Crazy

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  We are not all created equal, though due us being unique from all other mammals because of our enormous brain to body ratio, we should all be entitled to equal rights. Our human body …

Alex Wen - Apple Buys Beats

Beats Jimmy Iovine and Apple Tim Cook set on making the future of Music, Filled With More Bureaucracy.

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The business and technology segments of news sites and social media is abuzz with the purchase of Beats headphones by Apple, announced last week. Compliments, adulation, endorsements and criticism (mostly of how bad-ass Beats headphones …


Justice Is Blind, Literally.

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“You all look alike, to me”.  Said it back to them or had it said back to you?  Funny right?  Is it really? I first heard this story 10 or so years ago.  It didn’t …


What is it with Giraffes?

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Did I miss memo?  Did we as a species declare war on giraffes? First it’s zoos chopping them up to feed to lions, tigers and other meat eaters. http://alexwen.com/giraffe-lion-death-threats-zoos-oh-geez/ And now we’re sticking them in …


Too Stoopid for Democracy?

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We are faced with Epidemics of: Famine, Diseases, Gay-Marriage, Obesity, Economics.  We have declared War on: Poverty, Drugs, Education, Terror, Christmas.  So what have we accomplished, what have we won? In 2008 I was part of …


Brave enough to be brainless.

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Yes! Finally someone courageous enough to become a self-absorbed narcissistic megalomaniac!!!  But um,  is Blondie Bennett really dumb? In this, the age of decadence, where the Wealth Gap has created oligarchs that demands stimulation by …


This guys says "Life of Pi" Oscar is an Insult to Cinematography

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Rarely do I speak about friends in the industry, because of friends in the industry.  With the incredible progress technology is making to the world, it is increasingly tough to survive let alone “make it” …


It took more than 2000 years to figure this out? Rekindle.

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Concept is simple, catch the dripping wax from burning candle to form a new one. Regenerative, renewable, repurpose, re-anything and leave a smaller footprint you would think is good for society and earth, right?  Then …


Giraffe, Lion, death threats, zoos, oh geez

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Perhaps nothing exemplifies vileness more than faith in human exceptionalism.  This singular conviction demands us to strip our fellow man of his dignity, cage our fellow species we share this planet with, all for that …


Dumb Starbucks Coffee, no, seriously, it’s in Los Feliz

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Regardless if you are a fan of Starbucks or even just coffee, being in the industry, coffee shops are a prerequisite.  When I first heard “Dumb Iced Caramel Macchiato”, “Dumb Green Tea Frappuccino”, “Daumb Hazel …


Plastic Surgeon turns decapitated pig head into Paris Hilton

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As far as an artist’s message goes, tough to beat. Perfected Superficial culture has a chance yet!


Affluenza, the real update.

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It is official!  Congratulations Ethan Couch!!! A great job goes out to attorney Scott Brown & psychiatrist Dick Miller with the AFFLUENZA defense. And thank you judge Jean Boyd for faithfully executing the American justice …


No one wants class, obviously.

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Photographers, are you struggling?  Inundated by art-school-factories pumping out competition?  Exhausted by fee depreciation due to the competition?  Just can’t seem to see eye to eye with client?  Perhaps you have class in a world …


Anti-Hero Narcissism Encouragement

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A very easy reading article published on http://elitedaily.com/life/villains-better-love-anti-hero/ excuses Hollywood’s obsession with criminal-minded self-centered debaucherous-liars cheats and thieves.  With the brilliant deduction that It says we’re realistic; we understand the true fabric of what makes …


Gravity Energy

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Progress hampering, corruption common, self crippling, easily dominated.  But not everyone in the first world wishes to advantage those geographically less developed. British designers Martin Riddford and Jim Reeves recognized a problem that has more …


Affluenza, the one virus you must catch. Now courts accepted.

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Feeling oppressed? Has your money made you a victim of Affluenza? Sick of having the impoverished swim in YOUR ocean? Tired of having to breath the same air as working class people? Annoyed these 2nd …


Pop Ignorance, the Nextphase Culture

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It’s that itch you keep trying to lick on the roof of your mouth.  That splinter in your mind.  You tell yourself if I just acknowledge I know then I am covered, respected.  Then you …


Organ Wealth Transplant Power

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Cost of Organ transplant. Price as of 2010. Bone Marrow (autologous): $360,000 Bone Marrow (allogeneic): $800,000 Cornea: $25,000 Heart: $1 million Intestine: $1.2 million Kidney: $260,000 Liver: $575,000 Lung: $550,000 Double Lung: $800,000 Pancreas: $290,000 …


Fuck Your First Amendment, Masses Self Thought Policing

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For the record, I am deeply saddened by the passing of both Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.  I have actual friends that worked for and with both of them, as well as actual friends working …


How very Teresa. The Think.

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A big part to learning How To Think is simply looking at results. Listen to everything, but always keep in mind the result. A friend sent me the first of the video below, and it …


Sci-Real Immortality

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Not the potion Emperor Ching dispatched his top generals to seek.  Not halting time to stop the aging process.  Not breaking Einstein’s theory of relativity.  Not transferring your consciousness to a robotic body or nano-bots.  …


Monogomous Penis

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Law should be made according to the best interest of the general public.  Scientific observation of natural human behavior  along with scientific thought-process (logic) should be what’s employed to legislate.  Scientific is defined as repeating …


Vibration Sensations, Lelo – "Smart Wands"

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Children run through the store intrigued by the gadgets, office-manager types justify to their wives why they need an underwater-scooter, a salesman hawks a foam mattress to a grandma.  I am in Brookstone. I get …



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Absurdities Modernized.   General _______________________________________________________________________________________ Martians* Within verifiable documented history, all forms of life born outside of earth have been scientifically proven falsified. 5-10 year Prediction The first Martians will be humans, with earth-born parents. …


The Fight For Common Dignity

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There seems a nagging sentiment persistently present in many of my recent social conversations. Classified as a sentiment due it’s abstract properties, a thought process, a process that in turn governs the behavior and actions …


Filmmaking and Technology

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How these two became separated is beyond comprehension.  Filmmaking IS Technology, Technology enables Filmmakers to make films.  What’s with the distinction?  ….Unless it’s the frustrations of Next-Generation showing. Despite age, we have all had this …


Copyright, the great War, 1.

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Doesn’t matter what industry you work in today, let alone the film/creative media industries.  Knowing about Copyright, it’s history, realities, abuses, exploitations and protections is not only highly recommended, but a necessity. Two articles in …


As for a properly written Ad…

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So I met this girl who worked at Starbucks, and I worked up the courage to ask her on a date after a couple of conversations at the register. She was a month older than …


Reality TV star, Astronaut, one-way ticket to Mars.

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  Fulfill man’s destiny, colonize Space. Don’t need to be a fighter pilot, any particular nationality or even work for NASA. Just don’t be stupid, over 18… pretty much a good representative for mankind and …


Yoga Pants Patent… Killing Innovation one stinking opinion at a time.

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The fundamental idea behind copyright, intellectual property protection, trademarks and patents is to encourage innovation and facilitate it’s monetization.  Both of which contribute to societal benefit.  But in a climate of purely profiteering off of …


Copyright, licensing, infringement, stealing, solutions.

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For the creators that wonders how to monetize on their creations. A respected and notable champion of copyright and it’s monetization.  A regular speaker and professor for blue-chip companies, government agencies and Ivy Universities such …