Pop Ignorance, the Nextphase Culture


It’s that itch you keep trying to lick on the roof of your mouth.  That splinter in your mind.  You tell yourself if I just acknowledge I know then I am covered, respected.  Then you maybe even make some art, a website, youtube video broadcasting your acknowledgement.  And perhaps even include what you consider a solution in your creation.  But why are things still the same?  Why is that itch and splinter still there?

Could it be that everyone already knows what you know?  But their feedbacks plainly demonstrates their sheer ignorance?  You tell yourself.  And how are those people still simply committing atrocities and selling them to the masses??  Why did I end up with more questions when I just wanted to lick an itch and pull out a splinter??!!

Perhaps you forgot, superficial is the way life, as we know it, is.  That the grand design for you is acclimating you to continue carrying on focusing only on you.  Your thoughts, your understanding, your perception, it about you you you you.  That pole conducted, of 1,000 people, when asked “Do you believe the majority of people are smarter or dumber than you?” 99% confidently answered, “I am smarter.”

And yet you wonder how anyone can look at those bankers that steal money from the masses; chemists that peddle cancer causing foods; judges that receive contributions from private prisons; cardinals that protect child molesting priests; hospitals that encourage death to sell organs; talentless heiresses flagrantly parade their  bequeathed wealth in the face of the impoverished, and not for one moment wonder how much damage to humanity these people of prestigious and privilege have committed.

…Maybe everyone, like you, does know.  And those in positions of privilege and power knows you know.  And they know the most you will ever do about it is make some art, a website, youtube video and post it on Facebook.  And they also know despite your protesting, you wish you could join them.  But most of all they know you never could…  Because you have convinced yourself you have what it takes just by knowing, that you have the balls to extend your moral flexibility, and that you tell yourself you are special, you are unique, you know you, you, you…

What’s really funny is deep down subliminally, you see those that commit these atrocities continue committing these atrocities, and they do so while living the high life.  All the attention, all the experience, all the money, all the power, all that everyone wants.  And you tell yourself, this is what I want.

You sure you are willing to steal money from the masses, peddle poison as food, ruin people’s futures, protect child molesters, let someone die to harvest their organs just so you can go “lion hunting” with some socialites?

Tell yourself you are not the problem, that society, the 99% that answered “I am smarter” is the problem because you actually be smarter, you actually know better, you are not part of them, not a part of society.  Keep telling yourself that, and never ever lie to yourself.











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