The Fight For Common Dignity


There seems a nagging sentiment persistently present in many of my recent social conversations. Classified as a sentiment due it’s abstract properties, a thought process, a process that in turn governs the behavior and actions of the individual self. To many the deluge of easily obtainable information ends in obfuscation, resulting in more justifications for one’s actions and behavior rather than motivation for one to seek reality.

Simple logic, 1+1 will always equal 2. 1+1=2.

I am not privileged to more information than most, should you be inclined to seek, nor do I make any claims of divine connections. On the contrary, I accept and learn without prejudice nor repugnance… Not 100% true on repugnance, some people are just a beautifully wrapped box of shit, but I try. So please bear with me as I attempt to address some thoughts that often get driven into corners.

Is 2 the desired result? If not, change it up. Only the insane repeats the exact same doings expecting different results. If you’re not able to change symbol, change an integer, just one single digit in the formula and no matter what the outcome, the result will not be “2”. If you are able to affect more than number in the formula and reach number one, just make sure “1” is truly your desired outcome. Being the #1 douchebag, though monumental achievement as it would be, really isn’t much of a goal to strive for.

We are all NOT created equal, but we SHOULD be entitled to equal rights as humans. After all, the destruction of this very planet we live on is accepted as an exchange of improved quality of life for us humans is it not? So why are we obsessed with belittling ourselves by idolizing those that are chanced with what’s considered “good” genes? Of a certain skin color, height to weight ratio, hair, etc. With ever faster advancing qualifications, today, even a nation’s borders are taken into consideration. Reminder, assholes comes in all shades, sizes and from all places. Worshiping someone for qualities which you wish you had yourself is like eating teeth because you want to grow teeth. Not going to yield the results you want and will inflict damage.

Yes, in this very superficial society we live, options are afforded to those that meet the qualifications by those-that-know-how-to-manipulate has deemed “good”. But remember, the system is based on superficiality, and that’s defined as only on the surface.

There are plenty of bad, and being 2013, many are celebrated due their ability to self-gratify while harming the majority. The new breed knows how to accomplish this easily by simply accepting and continuing to propel some very elementary truths without distortion of personal opinion, political correctness, hope and ego. They are educated by top Universities to understand the world as it truly operates. Knowledge is acquired by stepping on the shoulders of those previous. Majority, once again the “MAJORITY”, not the unique singular; are racist, narcissistic, narrow-minded, greedy, lazy and stupid. Easier just to lay down and accept the indoctrination… But that’s eating lots of teeth.

Is society in it’s current form bad? Those that inspired this piece all certainly seem to think so, with some making the most impossible rationalizations. We will never reach perfection but why stop TRYING to reach it? Perfection is individual opinion, there will never be Public Policy that pleases everyone without compromise. As with 1+1, if the world is bad, the formula is faulty.

This is not a problem where the complex can be made simple, nor should it. At present day, technological progression has enabled us to measure metrics of just about everything. The worth of your life in dollars can be calculated by accounting your education, current net worth and debts, yearly income, family tree, health and habits. Inquire with any life-insurance adjuster and prepare yourself to hear your maximum value. But even more so we are able to peer into a crystal ball of sorts at our society’s future. Problems we will face if we continue our current doings and problems if we stop. There is no winning, just continuing.

So what do? Perpetuate people stupider/less privileged and fortunate-than-you to take from and oppress? That is the system, elegant in it’s architecture, and almost second nature, is it not? That is the splinter in your mind, that knowing something is wrong and you just can’t quite get to. The current system, this faulted formula where everyone is constantly trying to degrade one another for self-gain, be it monetary or for vanity.

Argumentative due it’s simple dynamic, Nature versus Nurture. Conclude logically these two thoughts. Watch children playing together. Without parental intervention children will not dislike each other based on skin color, makeup, clothing, amount & quality of toys, nor even languages spoken or unspoken.  They will share their toys and rush to aid when someone falls or giggle when someone smiles at them.  All this possible without adult intervention, that is our Nature.  Our Nurture, if 5 children from privileged American families were raised in African tribe huts and 5 African tribe children were raised in privileged American families, what do you think those children upon reaching adulthood would be like?

The struggle of life is the pursuit of dignified living.  That is the very essence that our society has deduced and we have allowed the stripping of.  It’s not about “sharing the wealth” or “not keeping what you earn” or any of the other catchy slogans.  When the top 1% of the world’s wealth if used can feed your grand children’s grandchildren for entire lifetimes without having to work, it is no longer sharing the wealth nor redistribution of it.  It is rather who we have elected with our pocketbooks to be in charge of our destiny.

As automation and artificial intelligence advances, the average human lifespan will increase as will the quality of health.  The 50 year old from 30 years ago resembles nothing of today’s 50 year old.  Not in looks nor aspirations of living past 90 years of age.  Longer we live, larger the corporations we will build, longer the moneys will be stored and not fluctuate.

We need proceed cautiously as so money does not lose it’s meaning nor assigned values corrupted.  And more important than change and hope, perhaps the only meaningful sentiment we need preserve is of our previous generations definition of a dignified existence.



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