Your Biometric Vote


The optics in our satellites are able to read the text off your smart device, in the same range as you are able to.  You are volunteering your smart device (phone, tablet, watch, headphones, wristband, tag, chip, etc) to record your biometrics (finger/palm/feet print, heart rate, pulse rate, breathing rate, voice tone, skin temperature, eye flutter, fascial/body structure, your keystroke when typing, speech/movement pattern, and more).

So with this technology, we are able to positively identify any individual.  And this technology has already been used to prosecute as well as acquit and justify warrants to monitor individuals of alleged crimes that hasn’t happened yet.

Question is, marinating the public with this advanced technology, what does the public get in return for this surrender of privacy?  Considering voter-eligibility, why the push for Voter-ID?

Being that the project is an examination of democracy, thought I research by talking over with family, friends and staff.  Invariably the deeper we looked into the issue, the more complexities we uncovered.

So thanks to our audio guy, who was testing out audio equipment at the time and decided to record a couple of discussions, we decided to couple some of the more difficult to absorb points with some illustrations.

A pre-cursor to the final project that hopefully will motivate filmmakers to document individual points as new examination films.


I still don’t know what’s more difficult, learning to be smart or to make smart digestible for the majority.

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