Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality


Is Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality really the future?  Do you really believe in immersive technologies?  I can’t say I or anyone knows for sure, who has a precise crystal ball?  What is for certain, with the amount of capital being spent and technologies developing, VR/AR is no small evolution of human and machine interactivity.

My focus in this environment currently is storytelling (developing technology for image acquisition and post-process, I don’t see how real VR can be achieved without real time “post-production VFX”, ie; if you see a car in a VR environment, VR is defined as you can poke your head inside and look around);  it’s monetization (what’s the top three demographic in the environment, which HMD [Head Mounted Display], what’s the average time spent in the environment, on what, etc); it’s etiquette (humans should not be treated as a blank slates to be directly programmed unconditionally, efficiently.); and future (holographic).

I am aggregating a listserv for creatives, technologists and financiers who share VR/AR as a common interest.  If you would like to be on it, send me an email introducing yourself and reason you would like to join the discussions.