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A prediction of today made in 1995, by Carl Sagan

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Astronomer Carl Sagan, most widely known for the original Cosmos television series, was also a prolific writer covering topics from hoax debunking, alien abductions and spirituality.  Ultimately, his writings serves to propel humanity towards scientific …


It’s All About Taste, And Mine Is Superior To Yours

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Corporations used to invest gobs of money into Armchair Quarterbacks, then they figured out the return is much larger by making the armchair free. Think-For-You à la carte media is quickly becoming a niche market …


Lose And Regain Faith In Humanity On Instagram

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Lose And Regain Faith In Humanity On Instagram   Lose Regain  


The Donald Trump strategy to Marketing

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For all the negatives that is and can be said about Donald Trump, his strategy to capturing otherwise very expensive marketing airtime works. Scream at the top of your lungs it is due to racism …


Werner Herzog [money] it’s stupid and cowardly, slow and unimaginative.

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Great read. The best advice I can offer to those heading into the world of film is not to wait for the system to finance your projects and for others to decide your fate. If …


Quantum Computing, the next tool of creativity.

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I have always advised those seeking renumeration for their creative works to not bog themselves down with “Quantum” computing, physics, dimensions, anything.  The commerce of creative works is difficult enough let alone trying to understand …


SPRINT Agent CT502747 “Titan”.

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Post on behalf of my manager JL. I’m sure we all have our share of horror stories with telecom.  Whether it’s overcharging, surprise-charges, or horrible attitude for something you’re paying for.  Point however JL makes …


How some kids deal with bullies.

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Current society accepted trend is passive-aggressiveness. As long as it is “legal”, endangered animals can be killed for sport, everyday people can be sued into homelessness; offspring of the 1% can commit a DUI murder …

Got ethics?

Utilitarianism Deontology

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u•til•i•ta•ri•an•ism   n. The belief that the value of a thing or an action is determined by its utility. n. The ethical theory proposed by Jeremy Bentham and James Mill that all action should be …


MRK Velocity

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Velocity is KCW™technica’s motorized vehicle mount jib. MRK is a Modular Rigging Kit capable of building any rig. MRK Velocity is motorized vehicle mount jib built from the modular rigging kit. Updates here:


American Management in the Millenial Generation

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  An American automobile company and a Japanese auto company decided to have a competitive boat race on the Detroit River. Both teams trained long and hard to reach their peak performance. On the big …


True Black

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Surrey Nanosystems has developed a material made of millions of carbon nanotubes which absorbs 99.6% of all light that hits it. Despite the wrinkled aluminum foil, the black that’s printed on it appears to be …


Fountain of Youth, But Not Quite Immortality – 1

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Roughly 7.2 Billion humans on Earth today, by 2025 (at current reproductive rates) estimated to be 9+ Billion. If we are to continue current resource consumption rates without drastic change, serious innovation are needed. Thankfully, …


Best Lines, April 2015 Edition

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I am fortunate in that I get to do what I enjoy for a living, and that the fruits of my labor is contributory to humanity.  But every once in a while, some turdball would …


Taiwan Beer, Use With Caution


REBEL WITH A CAUSE – Man Who Lives In Radioactive Fukushima To Feed The Abandoned Animals

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While trending topics focuses on finger-pointing and disseminating politically-correct/wrong answers by leaders handling the Cluster-Fuck known as Fukushima, no one has really even given much thought to lives without a politically/corporately-represented voice. His name is …


Industry of Narcissism

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    First rule of being a drug dealer is don’t do drugs.  Straight forward easy-enough-to-comprehend logic, does not require deep deliberating, right?  Drugs alter your state of mind, gets you high, which affects decision-making …


Vox populi, vox Dei,

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Vox populi, vox Dei Voice of the people is the voice of god. Or as many simply translates, majority rules.   Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae …


A Conversation with a 39 year old Asian MBA

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  Small part of a conversation that some might find interesting, especially #Asians living in western lands.  Loosely transcribed from an iSight accidentally recording.   Me: Haven’t you ever questioned why we are educated to view …


The Best Of Your Tired Poor Huddled Masses

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Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…  But only the best and brightest of them though.  And your best will be acclimated to a permanent underclass.  But don’t worry, it’s not separation by …


Copyright Infringements – Cloning for the 3rd Time!

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I check my web stats as I do every morning and didn’t see anything too unusual, except a couple of key search word caught my eye, “black sex”.  Not remembering whether or not the combination …


Your Biometric Vote

The optics in our satellites are able to read the text off your smart device, in the same range as you are able to.  You are volunteering your smart device (phone, tablet, watch, headphones, wristband, …


Immortal End Time Bullshit

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A “religious” world…  Really? Christianity has heaven to look forward to.  And for some, returning on a chariot of fire lead by a nude dead dude. As for the other Bronze-Age compliance schemes that has been …



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在 Abu Dabi, Dubai, 妓女的單位是阿拉伯人 美國歐洲白人 南美國的西班牙人 非洲的黑人 然後最低最便宜的最沒價值的最低級的是中國女人。 什麼叫賤? 我有個美國白人朋友Amy, 她告訴我過這件事,整個世界裡白人老公打亞洲人太大的很多,但沒有一個亞洲人老公大白人太太的事件。他說亞洲男人太容易控制,隨便看一下亞洲的媽媽就知道。 這不是什麼值得好驕傲的事情。但是在世界比起來中國媽媽希望他們的兒子以後的未來有什麼好值得驕傲的? 這種教育是希望達到什麼的結果? 這小孩子長大以後你想會愛 尊重 得是會恨所有的中國女人?  長大的未來 會變成什麼樣子的男人? 他會做出什麼樣的事情? 是誰真的有錯? 傳統 = 土 = 賤。


繼續說:差不多,自己管好自己就好。 結果是。。。

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繼續說:差不多,自己管好自己就好。 結果是。。。


The next “drug” of the War on Drugs: GINSENG!

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West Virginia Department of Natural Resources estimates street-value of the seized #Ginseng at $180,000. The arrests were made following a year-long investigation. Besides the ginseng, they said police state they also seized stolen guns, other …


Media, Monetization, Translating Culture, Assimilation versus Defiance

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It’s 110° today, 15° hotter than the hottest day recorded in LA on the same day in 1964.  It’s 2014, and experts from Film/TV Production, Media Distribution and Digital Content Emerging Media Mainstream & Social …


Outrage the Sensibilities

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#Religulous A Pennsylvania teenager is now facing criminal charges for posting the above photo to his Facebook page. He posed for the photos in late-July in front of Love In the Name of Christ, a …


紙老虎 – 1

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#紙老虎   在300百萬人口的美國, 非政治性的種族分類中的亞洲人 (華人, 蒙古, 韓國, 日本, 越南, 老撾, 柬埔寨, 印尼, 菲律賓, 印度)不超過6%. 拿到SAT 滿分1600的成績中 亞洲人佔87%。 在頂尖大學(哈佛大學,麻省理工學院, 耶魯大學,斯坦福大學,普林斯頓大學)與 名列前茅的高中 (惠特尼高中, 特洛伊高中, 托馬斯 傑斐遜高中, 布朗克斯科學高中,高新技術高中, 基準圖森高中)招生數據亞洲人佔站了驚人的57%。 由於高校的種族配額政策 亞洲人不僅要保持完美的考試分數來保持競爭力 還必須要有課外成就 才會被接受為“正常”。 從看這個統計後,下面有四個問題: 1)在跨國500強企業中,有哪個CEO是亞洲人? 2)亞洲版的 馬克·扎克伯格, 比爾·蓋茨, …



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Alex Wen - Redline (test footage)

Redline (test footage)

I penned the story in 1999.  Showed some industry contacts and next thing I knew, was given an Arri 435 and Kodak gave me some high speed film.  And this is what we did with …


Article About Yours Truly

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An article in a Chinese newspaper about Yours-Truly.  A brief of my few years in the industry.文國權-從臨演熬成導演?instance=la_bull_left1 Thanks for the coverage Mr. Derral Chen and World Journal.   Depending on when you read …


Welcome to the Divide

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Welcome to the Divide in 2014!!!  Where it’s Rich versus Poor, Young versus Old, Male versus Female (driver could have been female), Prevention versus Aftermath, Privilege versus Responsibility, Vigilantism versus Freedom. Where the only commonality …


Gun Crazy

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  We are not all created equal, though due us being unique from all other mammals because of our enormous brain to body ratio, we should all be entitled to equal rights. Our human body …

Alex Wen - Apple Buys Beats

Beats Jimmy Iovine and Apple Tim Cook set on making the future of Music, Filled With More Bureaucracy.

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The business and technology segments of news sites and social media is abuzz with the purchase of Beats headphones by Apple, announced last week. Compliments, adulation, endorsements and criticism (mostly of how bad-ass Beats headphones …


Grace Choi Mink

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Disrupting a $55 Billion industry that’s about smearing dirt on your face. Harvard Biz alum Grace Choi uses technology to call bullshit on the  established cosmetics industry.  3D print makeup is a step towards acclimating …


Justice Is Blind, Literally.

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“You all look alike, to me”.  Said it back to them or had it said back to you?  Funny right?  Is it really? I first heard this story 10 or so years ago.  It didn’t …


Getting Into Vegas 2014


Short Film – The Hype Perspective

hype /hīp/ informal noun 1. extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion. per·cep·tion /pərˈsepSHən/ noun 1. the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. Don’t believe all that you hear and …


What is it with Giraffes?

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Did I miss memo?  Did we as a species declare war on giraffes? First it’s zoos chopping them up to feed to lions, tigers and other meat eaters. And now we’re sticking them in …



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Too Stoopid for Democracy?

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We are faced with Epidemics of: Famine, Diseases, Gay-Marriage, Obesity, Economics.  We have declared War on: Poverty, Drugs, Education, Terror, Christmas.  So what have we accomplished, what have we won? In 2008 I was part of …


The Real Bandits

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During a bank heist, the bank robber shouted to everyone in the bank: “Don’t move. The money belongs to the State. Your life belongs to you.”Everyone in the bank laid down quietly. This is called …


Two Cows Economics

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Modified from The Mad Hedge Fund Trader. An economics model comparison explained by 2 cows.   SOCIALISM You have 2 cows. You give one to your neighbor. COMMUNISM You have 2 cows. The State takes …


Brave enough to be brainless.

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Yes! Finally someone courageous enough to become a self-absorbed narcissistic megalomaniac!!!  But um,  is Blondie Bennett really dumb? In this, the age of decadence, where the Wealth Gap has created oligarchs that demands stimulation by …


An advertising campaign done well.

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In today’s time, while most corporations just contrives a piece of advertising that’s BIGGER, SLICKER, LOUDER!!!  A well done campaign addresses performance in the real world. Good job DHL.


A Crystal Skull, Forensiced

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Dan Aykroyd owns a vodka company. It sells for $49.99 at places like Costco and other suburban liquor outlets. There’s also cups made to drink the vodka in. And then someone decided to find out …


Four Horsemen Documentary 2013 – Recommend Watching

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Whether you agree or disagree, like or dislike our modern condition, furthering your own education only helps society as a whole. As with all content, if you like what you see, please support the filmmakers …


Real Life Bionics

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LIFEHAND 2 – The Project The mission is to create an implantable system where nervous system will feel and have dexterity comparable to a natural limb. No matter how strong, agile or fast we become, …


Because Nobody Else Is Going To Want Her

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Mega churches, conflicts due different opinions of faith and religious grabbing for political power rants are what’s been trending for as long as I can recollect.  It’s nice to see for some, humanity comes first. …